Good afternoon!


++  Charge Conference Thursday, October 30th at 7:10 in the Fellowship Hall with UM District Superintendent Lowell Greathouse. Members of the Board and standing committees are especially encouraged to attend.

++  Special Offering Sunday, October 19th will be a special opportunity to support the FISH Food Bank with a financial offering for their food distribution program.Columbia Gorge Chapter of Thrivent will do a 1-1 match. Please make your contribution for this special offering to Asbury Our Redeemer Partnership and note it is for the Thrivent special offering for FISH Operations.

++  FISH Food Bank Duty
Mon October 20th
Wed October 22nd
Fri    October 24th

++  Warming Shelter volunteer trainings. Volunteers are needed for the upcoming season of offering shelter and hospitality our community homeless.
Oct 21st 6:30-8:30 Mid-Col. Center for Living (1610 Woods Ct)
Oct 23rd 6:30-8:30 Immanuel Lutheran Church (9th & State St)
Oct 25th 9-11am Riverside Comm. Church (317 State St)
Contacts- Andy Wade
Rev. Anna Carmichael

++  Gorge Ecumenical Ministries invites faith community members to attend an informational candidate forum on Thurs October 23 at 6:30 p.m.  The event will take place in Hood River at Riverside Community Church (4th & State) and will feature candidates for the position of State Senator, State Representative and Hood River Mayor.  Spanish language interpretation will be provided and all are invited.

++  Confirmation/youth group meets Sunday 19th at 6:30 in the office building

++  This coming Sunday at the Celebration 10:30 service, our worship will be enhanced with an  interpretive dance by Emelia Gendreau and assisted by her brother Alden.  Emelia and Alden are children of this past Sunday’s worship leader, Pastor Jill Rowland.         -Audrey Bentz

++  Asbury Our Redeemer Partnership received two thank you notes for our recent donation of school supplies to Parkdale Elementary School — one from Parkdale Principal Gus Hedberg and one from the Hood River County School Board.  The letter from the school board is posted on the announcement board if you are interested in reading it.           -Linda Boris


Jennifer Fowler


Good afternoon and happy 2nd day of Fall !

++   Food on the 4th is this Sunday 28th.  Bring your non-perishable food items to worship to be distributed through FISH Food Bank. The food bank is out of canned tomatoes, diced or whole. Another needed item is cooking oil in the smaller sized bottles.

++   September 27th Drug Take Back Day, the Hood River Fire Department, Hood River Police Department and Hood River County Prevention Partnership will be hosting a drug take back collection site at the Hood River Fire Department, 1785 Meyer Parkway from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (The program is anonymous and all efforts will be made to protect the anonymity of individuals disposing the medications. No questions of request for identification will be asked during the drop off).

The participants may dispose of the medication in its original container. When submitting the container, the individual is encourage to remove any indentifying information from the prescription label. This can be done by removing the label or utilizing permanent marker.

All solid dosage pharmaceutical products and liquids in consumer containers will be accepted. Liquid products, such as cough syrup should remain sealed in their original container. The depositor should ensure that the cap is tightly sealed to prevent leakage. Note: Intra-venous solutions, injectables, syringes, chemotherapy medications or medical waste WILL NOT be accepted due to potential hazard posed by the blood borne pathogens. Thanks for helping keep Hood River a safe place to live, work and play!

++  Women’s WELCA bible study is Tuesday Sept 30th from 2-4pm in the fellowship hall.

++  The FISH building foundation will be “curing” for about a week.

++  Happy Hands sent out 15 UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) Health Kits on Friday to Utah where they will be sent to people who have been forced to leave their homes because of human conflict or natural disaster.  Health kits are also used as learning tools in personal hygiene, literacy, nutrition and cooking classes.

And with that we reach the end of September! The month went by quickly with regular school starting but also our own Sunday school. Next week begin group studies with Pastor David and also another study at the Pettit’s. I will be out of the office the week of Sept 29th. Contact Pastor David with any questions or office needs.


Jennifer Fowler
Office Manager


Good Afternoon!

++  Newsletter items are due this week. I will be out of town the last week of September, so please send info soon/now!

++  Women’s retreat sign-up sheet is in the narthex, as well as roommate request, and carpooling info.

++  Men’s Breakfast is Sat 20th at the Charburger.

++  Food on the 4th is Sept 28th. Non-perishable items.

++  A gathering to plan a mid-week study group is Thurs Oct 2nd at 6pm at Roy  & Pat Pettit’s home. They will serve a main dish, and others can bring a potluck item.

++  Adult Sunday Study begins Sunday Oct 5th at 8am in the fellowship hall. Led by Pastor David.

++  Because of the change in school starting times, I will be in the office at 9am Mondays and 8:30 Tues, Wed, and Thurs.


Jennifer Fowler
Office Manager


Happy Sunny Day everyone!

++  This evening 6:00pm is a Safe Sanctuary Class for anyone who didn’t attend Sunday’s class. Soup will be served.

++  Sign-ups are needed for Coffee Hour, Ushers, flowers etc this month.

++  Sunday School for preschool and elementary youth starts during 10:30 worship, this Sunday 14th, upon the “passing of the peace” part of our service. Sunday School will meet the 2nd thru 5th Sundays of the month.

++  Confirmation Class/Youth Group-  middle/highschool youth and parents are invited to an introduction meeting at 6pm Sunday in the office house. Meal in included.

++   Happy Hands will be meeting at Pat Pettit’s home, 1809 Montello, every Monday during September at 9am. It is open to all women who like to do crafts. Bring your craft along and join the fun.

++   Recycling- Items brought to church to be recycled need to be free of food residue; CLEAN! Styrofoam must be tape free and SNAP; nothing bendable.  Sharon P. and Craig T.

++   Women of our church: WELCA meets this Saturday, September 13th from 10-12 noon in the fellowship room. We’ll follow with a salad and dessert potluck.  All women of the church are invited to come and enjoy the fellowship, help plan some activities and  enjoy a delicious lunch.  Please call Kathy Terry if any questions.

++   School Supplies:  A huge thank you to everyone who contributed school supplies and money for supplies for the Parkdale Elementary School.  After church on August 31st, we had 456 crayons, 32 markers, 47 glue sticks, 232 pencils, 12 scissors, 6 boxes of Kleenex, 5 large bottles of hand sanitizer, 21 rulers, 41 notebooks, 80 colored pencils, 45 pencil-top erasers, 9 large erasers, 4 boxes of Band-aids, 24 folders, 2 calculators, 450 sheets loose-leaf paper, and 10 backpacks!!  And more has come in since this count was taken.  Plus $78 to buy more supplies!!   The folks at Parkdale were so appreciative – you have made a big difference in our community.  Thank you again from Faith In Action.

++  The next Women’s Spiritual Group meeting will be on Oct 4 (Sat) at (9:00am) in the Fellowship Hall. We’re meeting there instead of the church office for easier access for members attending.  Carol Kyger

++  Card Class meets this Sunday 14th at 1:15.

++  The Emergency Voucher Program in Hood River is searching for volunteers. The program provides food, gas and lodging vouchers to clients who are in a crisis situation. The role of a volunteer is to listen to the client’s story, write appropriate vouchers, and refer to other services. Volunteers needed for 2 hour shifts, Monday-Friday, 12pm to 2pm. Please contact Rev. Anna Carmichael if interested. 541-386-2077



Jennifer Fowler
Office Manager


++ You may be asking yourselves, “how do we get to the office?!” People are doing two different options : you may come through our church building, and use the sidewalk out the backdoor of the fellowship hall, which leads to the office. This works only if you have a key, however.  The other option is to walk on the west side of the church, around the back and access the sidewalk from there. You also may call the office and I can meet anyone in front of the church if you’re just wanting to drop something off. Thank you!

++ Monday Sept 1st is Labor Day and the office will be closed.

++ Tomorrow, Thursday May 28th at  6:00pm  Choir Potluck at Morning Song Acres for choir members and those who may be interested in joining choir. Contact Marv Turner or Myrin & Audrey Bentz.

++ This Sunday, Sept 31st is a Designated Giving Sunday for school supplies for Parkdale School. You may donate supplies or a monetary amount noted on your giving envelope.

++ WELCA quilting meets Wed Sept 3rd at 9am.

++ Saturday, Sept 6th  Women’s Spiritual Group meets at 9am in the church office.


Jennifer Fowler
Office Manager


Good afternoon!


++ You may be asking yourselves, “how do we get to the office?!” People are doing two different options : you may come through our church building, and use the sidewalk out the backdoor of the fellowship hall, which leads to the office. This works only if you have a key, however.  The other option is to walk on the west side of the church, around the back and access the sidewalk from there. You also may call the office and I can meet anyone in front of the church if you’re just wanting to drop something off. Thank you!

++ Monday Sept 1st is Labor Day and the office will be closed.

++ This Sunday, Aug 31st is a Designated Giving Sunday for school supplies for Parkdale School. You may donate supplies or a monetary amount noted on your giving envelope.

++ WELCA quilting meets Wed Sept 3rd at 9am.

++ Saturday, Sept 6th  Women’s Spiritual Group meets at 9am in the church office.



Jennifer Fowler
Office Manager


Listen to me, you who look for righteousness,
you who seek the LORD:
Look to the rock from which you were cut
and to the quarry where you were dug.

Look to Abraham you ancestor,
and to Sarah, who gave you birth.
They were alone when I called them,
but I blessed them and made them many.

– Isaiah 51:1-2


If you are trying to find righteousness and justice, if you are trying to find God’s way, then look to where you came from. Look to the ancestors. Look to your predecessors in the faith. Put another way, if you’re trying to live a Godly life, then learn from the saints.

Protestants don’t have a very strong tradition of studying the lives of the saints. It’s one of those practices that often seems to strike us as too Roman Catholic. It’s a bit strange, when you think about it, though. We study the story of God’s relationship with humanity from the earliest times up until nearly the time of Jesus in the Hebrew Bible. Then we study the life of Jesus and the very early church in the New Testament. But you we usually don’t spend much time at all study the relationship between God and the church in all the intervening time between the second century and now. That’s a lot of lived faith and experience that we’re missing out on.

Though few of us probably use them, both Lutherans and Methodists have a calendar of saint days, a listing and schedule of saints whose lives are worth studying and imitating. The Lutheran calendar for this week remembers: the Apostle Bartholomew, one of the Twelve; Moses the Black, a fourth-century Ethiopian convert and monk who died for his faith; and Augustine of Hippo, the most influential theologian in Western Christianity. The Methodist calendar includes those three and adds Georgia Harkness, an early twentieth-century Social Gospel theologian who opposed racism, supported the ordination of women, and was the first woman to teach in a mainline Protestant seminary in the US. She also wrote the hymn “This Is My Song,” found both in the United Methodist Hymnal and Evangelical Lutheran Worship.

We may not pray to the saints, like Roman Catholics do, but we can certainly learn something from them. Whether they lived in the first century, the fourth century, or the twenty-first century, we can learn so much from seeing how real people, in a variety of different circumstances, lived out their Christian faith. If it’s not already a part of your devotional practice, I encourage you to learn more about our forebears in the faith and consider how their lives still witness to us today.

Your Servant in Christ,
+Pastor David

++ This Sunday 24th is Food on the 4th. You may donate non-perishable food items; egg cartons can always be used.

++ SPRC meets this Sunday at 11:30 in the Outreach house.

++ Card making class meets at 1:15 in the fellowship hall.

++ WELCA bible study meets Tuesday 26th at 2:00pm.

++ Join the choir! Anyone interested is invited to a potluck Thursday August 28th at 6pm with current choir members at Morning Song Acres. There will be singing, eating, and fellowship. Speak with Marv Turner if you have any questions.

++ Sunday 31st   Special Giving : you may donate school supplies or funds for supplies Parkdale Elementary School. Thank you Faith In Action for planning this giving.

++ Pastor Jill Rowland has accepted a call and is serving as CPE supervisor and chaplain at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, Randall Children’s Hospital, and The Oregon Burn Center. A Service of Installation for Jill takes place Friday, September 5, at 4:00pm / Lorenzen Conference Center of Legacy Emanuel Medical Center / 2801 N. Gantenbein Ave / Portland, OR. Clergy are invited to vest in the stole of their choice. Please RSVP by Monday, August 25th to: Lori Rice (Admin. Asst.)  503-413-4151 or .

++ Fall Women’s Retreat at Cannon Beach Conference Center

The retreat is October 31-Nov 2nd. Our time together begins Friday evening and wraps up after worship on Sunday. The book for this year’s study is The Noticer by Andy Andrews. Look for more detailed information (rates, activities etc )in the September Newsletter when it comes out the end of August. Attendance and roommate sign-ups will be in the narthex the beginning of September.


If I roll my chair to the left of my desk, I can see through the trees the beginning of a beautiful ministry! Granted, there is a “wall” of dirt and sod which blocks part of the view, but I hear the sounds and feel the rumble in the ground of the backhoe and dump truck. Men at work; God at work. How wonderful!



Jennifer Fowler
Office Manager


++ FISH duty is Monday August 18th 3:30-5, Wednesday August 20th 3:30-5:30, and Friday August 22nd 3:30-5 Questions? Call Kathy Terry.

++ Parkdale Elementary School Supplies: This Sunday at both services you may commit to purchase a specific item or place a donation in the offering plate designated “school supplies”. There will be a collection basket in the narthex  for donated items and items will be collected Sunday August 31st.

++ 2014 Household Hazardous Waste Collections: August 15, 9AM-2PM  – Hood River

In the shed there is a barrel that we keep just for hazardous waste. Place any item carefully in it so as not to break glass items. I will be taken all on Friday morning.

  • automotive products, such as gasoline, antifreeze, and batteries
  • oil-based paints and thinners
  • pool chemicals
  • pesticides, herbicides, and other garden products
  • household cleaning products
  • Florescence lights
  • batteries (rechargeable phone, equipment and laptop batteries can be recycled at Home Depot stores deposit box at entrances).

Thanks to Craig Terry for this information.

++ Happy News! The donations needed for solar panels on the FISH building have been reached!

++ Next week the FISH pre-fab building will be delivered. The day of the week is not specific but please know that there will no longer be parking available on the gravel area.Happy Hands: I let Pat Crompton know about this, so you will probably be meeting in the main church. Quilters: there will be cars from Good News employees parking in the left side of the lot. Good News customers will no longer be parking at the church; the parking signs will be coming down soon.


Jennifer Fowler
Office Manager

Installation Service


There will be an Installation Service for Pastor David King on Sunday, August 10th, at 2 pm in the sanctuary. Rev. Susan Kintner from the Oregon Synod (ELCA) and Rev. Steve Ross from the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference (UMC) will preside. Community members and local area clergy are invited to attend. Clergy may wear the vestments appropriate to their faith communities (with green stoles, if applicable). Following the service will be an Ice Cream Social.


The Lord said, “Go out and stand at the mountain before the Lord. The Lord is passing by.” A very strong wind tore through the mountains and broke apart the stones before the Lord. But the Lord wasn’t in the wind. After the wind, there was an earthquake. But the Lord wasn’t in the earthquake. After the earthquake, there was a fire. But the Lord wasn’t in the fire. After the fire, there was a sound. Thin. Quiet. When Elijah heard it, he wrapped his face in his cloak. He went out and stood at the cave’s entrance. A voice came to him and said, “Why are you here, Elijah?” –1 Kings 19:11-13


Imagine with me, if you will, two different Christians. One is a hermit. He lives in a cave in the desert. He spends nearly all of his time reading the bible and in meditation and prayer. Once a week, for an hour, he receives visitors at the mouth of his cave. Pilgrims come to ask him questions and to receive a prayer or blessing from him.

The other is a social worker. She gave up her lucrative job in the tech industry to work with the homeless in the inner city. She operates a center that coordinates services from all over the area, so that anyone in need can come to one location and find the best help available. She works individually with each client and tries to make sure that they are helped promptly and treated with dignity. She spends nearly every waking minute attending to the needs of others.

So which one is the authentic Christian? Which one is living the call of Jesus Christ?

And the answer probably is that they both are. We are called both to contemplation and to mission. In some cases, a person might be called almost exclusively to one of the other, as in the examples above. For most of us, though, we can’t effectively live out our faith without attending to both the quiet contemplation and to active service.

The story about Elijah is an example. He has gone up to the mountain at Horeb because he has given up on being a prophet. He has been doing God’s work, and it has brought him nothing but trouble. He is convinced that he is the last of God’s prophets and that he will soon be killed, putting an end to the worship of God on Earth. So, he has gone up to the mountain to wait for death. He is done.

But in the stillness, God appears to him. It’s not in any of the loud and calamitous signs: the wind or the earthquake or the fire. God’s voice comes only in the quiet, only in what the KJV calls the still small voice. If Elijah weren’t in quiet contemplation, he couldn’t hear the voice.

But the voice he hears in silence calls him to action. “Why are you here, Elijah?” That is, why are you here by yourself on a mountain and not out doing the work of a prophet? The voice calls him back out to his vocation, back out to his mission.

And we also need to find that balance between contemplation and action. If we never take the time to be in meditation and in prayer, then we are unlikely to hear the voice of God over the cacophony of our busy-ness. But if our faith is confined to a sanctuary or bounded between the covers of a bible, then we are not really living the faith, only understanding it. We need both—both listening and doing—in order to live our Christian faith. We need both in order to be the Church.

Your servant in Christ,

+Pastor David

++ Pastor David King’s Installation is this Sunday at 2:00pm.  Come and welcome Pastor David and his family. Steve Ross and Susan Kitner will be attending on this special day. An ice cream social will follow the service.

++ Special Giving-School Supplies
On August 31st, Faith in Action will be collecting school supplies for Parkdale Elementary School as our 5th Sunday special giving.  On August 17th, during both worship services, you will have an opportunity to commit to purchasing a specific item.  This will help ensure that we get some of everything which is needed.  If you will not be at worship on August 17th, please feel free to purchase anything from the list below, or place a donation in the offering plate designated “School Supplies”.  There will be a collection basket in the narthex of the church.

glue sticks
child safety scissors
Ticonderoga #2 pencils
boxes of tissues
hand sanitizer
rulers with both metric and US measurements
spiral notebooks (wide rule)
colored pencils
Band-aids (latex free)
plastic folders with pockets
back packs

++  August 18-20-22 are the days that Asbury Our Redeemer serve at FISH.

The hours are 3:30-5pm on Monday, 3:30-5:30 on Wednesday, and 3:30-5pm on Friday.  If you would like to volunteer, any or all days, or have questions, please contact Kathy Terry at

++ Yard sale is this Saturday from 8am to 1pm.  Friday is the last day to bring items for the sale.  You may drop off things by the front door of the church or between 9 and 11am Thurs and Fri. Thank you everyone who has brought items so far!

++  WELCA bible study will be Tues Aug 26th from 2-4pm.



Jennifer Fowler
Office Manager