Good afternoon!

++  FISH Food Bank needs food supplies! Small vegetable oil; jam; sugar and flour; protein items such as tuna and canned meats.

++  The spring women’s retreat at Mt. Angel is this Friday thru Sunday. May everyone travel safely and have a blessed weekend!

++  There was a great turnout last Saturday for the women’s meeting. 5 women within the many groups we have, have volunteered to be contacts about needs or ideas for our congregation. They are Cheri Anderson, Martha Hoskins, Carol Kyger, Rose Miller, Kristen White.

++  Spring Fling March 21st. You’re invited to help! The Women’s Ministry Group will be making ready the narthex and adjoining rooms for new carpet, paint, and interior decorating. Snacks will be served. Come for as long as you are able.

Jennifer Fowler

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