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++ If anyone knew ORLC member Edna Carlson (she passed away in 2013) please contact me at the office. Thank you!

++  Pastor David will be on vacation after this Sunday 16th, returning on Aug 31st.  Rev. Anna Carmichael of St. Marks, Hood River, will be on call during this time.

++ The  Season of Listening has begun. The Listening Team you nominated is beginning to have 1-to-1 conversations with you regarding who we think God is calling us to be and what we think God is calling us to do. It will take about 6 weeks to complete these 1-to-1 conversations. Once they are all complete, the next phase of the Season of Listening is a series of house meetings at which the listeners will share what they have heard, and we get a chance to talk and pray together about where God is leading us next. If you have any questions about the Season of Listening, please contact Pastor David.

Thoughts and Prayers: Wolverine Fire Moves Closer to the Lutheran Church’s Holden Village in North-central Washington.

From the Camp & Retreat Ministry of the OR-ID Conference of UMC: The Wolverine fire is currently less than two thousand feet away from the village and is still not contained. While suppression is being used to reduce the fire’s possible impact on buildings and grounds, the situation is extremely precarious. Pray for the firefighters stationed at the village. Pray for the land that is being scorched and the animals that call it home. Pray for all the ministries that have been put on pause because of this fire and  pray that, no matter what happens to the historic structures past Lucerne, God will continue to use this place in the valley and the people formed by it to do awesome and transformative work in the world.

Jennifer Fowler

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