Good afternoon!

++  Pastor David will be on Paternity Leave from June 15-August 10.  Please keep the King family in your prayers as they use this time to begin the process of welcoming Kaylah and Kiahla into their family.  Pastoral coverage during this time is as follows:  Sunday worship will be led by a mix of our laity and guest pastors.  Youth group will take the summer off with the exception of a  couple of parent-led gatherings. Emergency coverage will be handled by local partner pastors, though Pastor David will be contacted in the event of a life-threatening situation.

Our constitution follows the paternity leave policy of the pastor’s denomination.  The United Methodist policy allows up to a quarter year of leave with the first 8 weeks being compensated.  Leave is granted by the Bishop, cabinet, and executive committee of the Board of Ordained Ministry.  Pastor David requested and has been approved for 8 weeks of leave.

–Gigi Siekkinen

++  Choir’s last day to sing is this Sunday the 12th. They have sung us some beautiful songs this past year! Thank you choir! They will return in the fall.

++        Bell Choir is also playing this Sunday and will then break for summer. Blessings to them for all their hard work and lovely music!

++           From Jill Rowland:  Saturday, June 11–Graduation Open House for Emelia Gendreau from 4pm to 8pm at 4203 Summitview Drive in Hood River.

++           Rick McBee  has completed his newest fiction book The Ghosts of Ukuthula, an African adventure thriller. This is his fourth book.

Please keep in your prayers: Naomi Foster and her family.

Jennifer Fowler

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