Good afternoon!

++  Pastor David will be on Paternity Leave from June 15 – August 10.  This week’s emergency coverage contact is: Rev. Anna Carmichael (Epi)

She is available to June 30th.  (Pastor David will be contacted in the event of a life-threatening situation)

++  Giving checks still need to be made out to AORP until accounts are changed.

++  Join us this summer for an exciting worship series entitled “Lessons from God’s Creation”. 

This series will run from June 19 – August 7 (excluding July 3) with a mix of lay speakers from our congregation and guest pastors. Each Sunday we will explore how we can learn from

different aspects of God’s creation:

June 19: Desert – spiritual drought, temptation, sources of strength
June 26: Water – How is God like water?
July 10:  Flowers – letting go of our worries
July 17:  Fruit – exploring our fruits of the spirit
July 24:  Birds – welcoming all into God’s kingdom
July 31:  Hill – simply sitting in the presence of God
Aug 7:    Thorns/Weeds – dealing with worries and the deceitfulness of wealth that sap our resources.

If any of these topics speaks to you, and you would like to help decorate the altar/sanctuary, contact Linda Boris or Vicki Wartalski. 

++  I will be out of the office next week. Tuesday is the only day the office will be open for regular hours 10:00 to 1:00 .

Jennifer Fowler

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