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++ One Service this Sunday 4th. Fellowship time will be potluck.

++ The September newsletter will be mailed out this afternoon.

++ Church office will be closed Monday, Sept 5th for Labor Day.

++ A prayer chain is being set up for our church as a way to share, receive, and pray for the needs of others. The prayer chain process is simple. Prayer requests can be sent to Carol Kyger and she will share the request with those on the prayer chain via email (or phone if you do not have an email address). When you receive the request take time to offer up a prayer regarding the request. If you would like to be on the prayer chain, send Carol your email address or call her at 541-386-6341 to give her your phone number.

Dear friends,
One of the ways we are called to live together as disciples of Jesus Christ is by sharing in study of the scriptures. It is very much a part of our Lutheran and Methodist heritage to affirm that all Christians are capable of reading scripture and to share in holy conversation about how we understand the scripture.

To help facilitate these kinds of holy conversations in the life of this congregation, I will be providing a new resource I’m calling the Weekly Reflection. It’s quite simple. Each week I am suggesting a short biblical passage and one or two questions to invite personal reflection on the passage. I’m inviting everyone in the congregation to take a few minutes each week to read the scripture and to think about the questions.
But I don’t want this to be just a personal devotional. The idea is to spark holy conversation. And so I am also inviting each small group that meets at or for the church to take 5 minutes to reflect together.

This is not meant to be an onerous task. It’ is supposed to be a simple practice to help us deepen our life of faith together. I hope this will be a welcome and meaningful part of your faith practice.

Your servant in Christ,
+Pastor David

Week of September 4th
Mark 1:16-20
Where and when have you felt the call of Jesus on your life? Was it difficult to follow?

Week of September 11th
Ezekiel 34:11-12
When have you needed God to come searching for you?

Week of September 18th
1 Timothy 6:10
How have you worked to resist the lure of wealth and possessions in your life?

Week of September 25th
Proverbs 16:16
What are the things you value more than money?

Jennifer Fowler

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