This week’s reflection is from James 1:3-4
Has there been a time when you endured hardship, but the hardship also produced something good?

++           Special Music this Sunday at both services by John Nilsen
John Nilsen was born in Seattle, Washington. Nilsen began studying classical piano from his mother at age six. Continuing his musical education, he began playing guitar at age fourteen. John moved to Ashland, Oregon in 1974 to attend Southern Oregon College. Nilsen was honored by the institution in 1995 in recognition of his outstanding achievements, dedicated efforts and leadership in the field of the performing arts with the Distinguished Alumnus Award, the most prestigious award bestowed upon Southern Oregon University graduates.

John recorded three successful solo piano records on LA’s, Eagle Records (1983-1985), has recorded 16 on his own Magic Wing label. John Nilsen’s forthcoming release, Local Ocean, will released in summer of 2016. Sessions for the 20th Nilsen recording will begin in fall, 2016.

++        Comfort Mats for the Homeless
Happy Hands is crocheting mats with PLAM (plastic yarn), for use at the warming shelter.  These mats will eventually be given to the homeless to use for additional insulation and protection from damp ground. The mats are about 3-1/2 feet wide and 6 feet long if they are for an adult. This takes between 500-700 plastic bags.

Will you please recycle any clean plastic bags you get to Happy Hands?  There is a large tub on the counter in the fellowship hall where you can deposit them.  If you would take a little time to flatten and fold them, that would be great. We need bags at least the size of a Safeway grocery bag (no produce bags).  We can use other larger and heavier plastic bags, too.  We have even used those wonderful big yellow bags you get your tires in at Les Schwab!  Thank you for your help with this.  So many people in our community will appreciate your effort!

Pat Pettit

++        Get your pies here!
Here is a list of pies available for pick up Dec 2-3 at the Happy Hands Christmas Bazaar:
2 Mince Meat
2 Blueberry
1 Apple
2 Pecan
Place your order with Kris White.

++        FISH needs Quart Fruit Jars for Leos project on Saturday 12th
The Leos who distribute food on the 2nd Saturday plan to put together a special winter project to give to our clients (like the bean soup last winter).  They are asking if anyone has extra quart fruit jars and the screw tops, would you be willing to donate them for a the project they are doing this Saturday, November 12? They need about 50 quart jars, and would prefer the wide mouth but can use the regular mouth jars.

I know this is a little late but remember we are working with kids. If you have some you would like to donate, could you please drop them off at the Hood River FISH building by Friday evening.

Thanks so much. This is a great way to clean out your garage and help FISH too!

Billie Stevens
FISH Food Bank

A message from Bishop Dave Brauer-Rieke:

Dear Friends and Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

First of all my thanks to all of you who took part in our nation’s election process these past several months. There was, of course, our presidential election, but there were also important state and local elections, ballot initiatives and so much more. Every voice matters.

Today I thank you for open church buildings, counseling sessions, the listening and caring for many people I know are in deep grief, as well as for some joy and hopefulness. As a whole, church people I have talked with have been offended and fearful by recent political rhetoric. However you may feel about that, though, today is an invitation for us all to listen, learn and be who we are called to be in the days to come.

I have a short video message I write to share with you. It is posted on the Oregon Synod Facebook page to watch and share as you feel appropriate. I, personally, am one of those in shock and grief today over the election of now President Elect Donald Trump. However, my video message is not about that. What I wish to say is that our calling to be the hands and heart of Christ in the world is vitally important, this day in particular, but also in the days to come in general. Now we are called once again to decide what it means to be “Church.” The opportunity is before us.

May the Spirit guide us all in the paths for truth, compassion and justice.

With you in prayer,

Bp. Dave Brauer-Rieke
Oregon Synod – ELCA


Jennifer Fowler

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