++ FISH duty is Monday August 18th 3:30-5, Wednesday August 20th 3:30-5:30, and Friday August 22nd 3:30-5 Questions? Call Kathy Terry.

++ Parkdale Elementary School Supplies: This Sunday at both services you may commit to purchase a specific item or place a donation in the offering plate designated “school supplies”. There will be a collection basket in the narthex  for donated items and items will be collected Sunday August 31st.

++ 2014 Household Hazardous Waste Collections: August 15, 9AM-2PM  – Hood River

In the shed there is a barrel that we keep just for hazardous waste. Place any item carefully in it so as not to break glass items. I will be taken all on Friday morning.

  • automotive products, such as gasoline, antifreeze, and batteries
  • oil-based paints and thinners
  • pool chemicals
  • pesticides, herbicides, and other garden products
  • household cleaning products
  • Florescence lights
  • batteries (rechargeable phone, equipment and laptop batteries can be recycled at Home Depot stores deposit box at entrances).

Thanks to Craig Terry for this information.

++ Happy News! The donations needed for solar panels on the FISH building have been reached!

++ Next week the FISH pre-fab building will be delivered. The day of the week is not specific but please know that there will no longer be parking available on the gravel area.Happy Hands: I let Pat Crompton know about this, so you will probably be meeting in the main church. Quilters: there will be cars from Good News employees parking in the left side of the lot. Good News customers will no longer be parking at the church; the parking signs will be coming down soon.


Jennifer Fowler
Office Manager

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