Good morning! If anyone would like a Daily Devotions booklet mailed to them, please let me know. I have about 8 copies each of Christ in Our Home and The Upper Room. 

++May Newsletter Send in your thoughts, insights, or what you’ve been doing during this time of COVID19. Thanks in advance!

++Weekly Reflection Acts 2:23-24 In what ways is God freeing you from death or fear?

++Readings for April 26 Third Sunday of Easter
Acts 2:14a, 36-41
Psalm 116:1-4, 12-19
1 Peter 1:17-23
Luke 24:13-35

++Recent or Upcoming April Birthdays
Ruth Akiyama 20th
Esther Harris 22nd
Dean Kleinsmith 24th
Pastor David 29th

++Worship will be followed by Fellowship Time via Zoom 

This can be accessed with a computer, an internet device, or a telephone. Computer, tablet, and smartphone users can use this link: . Those with the Zoom App can join meeting 921 8237 9580 with password 020535. If you’re using your standard telephone, dial 1-669-900-6833, then follow the prompts to enter the meeting ID 921 8237 9580 and the password 020535.

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