++  This Sunday, March 20, after the second service we will have an opportunity to meet with 2 financial experts from the ELCA and Synod Endowment Board. Beth Adams, from the ELCA, and Bonny Groshound, from the synod endowment board will be here to talk with the board and finance committee members about strategies to wisely manage and invest the money from the combination of Asbury and ORLC. Anyone from the congregation who is interested is welcome to attend.  Bonnie can also offer information about grants that are available from the synod. The meeting will be from 11:45am -1 pm.

Please let me know if you will be attending so I can have a light lunch available for you.  If you are on the board or finance committee also please let me know if you are unable to attend.                                Debby Chenoweth

++ The next Women’s Spiritual Group session is April 2 at 9:00am in the church office building.

++ Men’s Fellowship Group     Sausage making this Saturday March 19th at 9am

 Hosted by Audrey and Myrin Bentz. Coffee and Pastry will be served in the morning, as well as lunch later on.

Cost for sausage: Per Pound To Be Advised.  Donation’s appreciated. Contact: Bob White via email:

Some sausage will be served at the Easter Breakfast.

++  Men’s Retreat at Morning Song Acres! March 31 – April 2, 2016! The annual spring retreat  will use a DVD by Rev. Adam Hamilton, “Christianity and World Religions: Wrestling with Questions People Ask” as the basis for the three day study. It will give us an open minded perspective on the world’s religions to enhance our discussions and our spiritual lives. See Marv Turner, Bob White, Myrin Bentz, or Rick McBee to sign up and get involved.

++  Photographs for our Church Directory    Easter Sunday—starting at 8:30am and through the Easter Breakfast time, Gordon Leigh’s Positive Negatives will be taking pictures for the church directory. This is a no cost service, so come dressed for Easter and your pictures! If you would like prints for yourself, price information will be available for that additional service. Come and enjoy the services, the breakfast, and let’s get as many photos done as possible for our new directory.                 —-Rick McBee

++ We are using  Ecopalms for Palm Sunday again this year! 

Why a “Fair Trade” Palm?

Gatherers will receive a higher price for their “fair trade” palms improving their income and living conditions. “Fair trade” helps protect the palms and  the important forests from which they are gathered through sustainable harvest programs.

Jennifer Fowler

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